To see a small gallery of before and after images of the work that has taken place at Le Petit Moulin click here

Le Petit Moulin or ‘The Little Mill’ was originally built in the early 1800s and was a working flour Mill, up to round about 1920. The Mill was originally a much smaller construction, and extensions to the building were added at a later date probably in the early 1900s, as the Mill owner’s family grew.

In its more recent history the Mill was a restaurant specialising in Morrocan food. In early 2004 I saw the old Mill for the first time and fell in love with it immediately, even though it was run down and the gardens overgrown.


The building had been partially modernised by the previous owners in the 1970’s judging by the decor and bathroom furniture but it hadn’t been lived in for several years. Damp had penetrated the walls, floors and the very fabric of the building, and it was a sad cold place.

In January 2005 I completed the purchase of Le Petit Moulin and the construction works commenced. These came to an abrupt halt as the builder walked off site, and left the place in disarray, owing me a lot of money, not a very good start to my French dream.Anyway I had to search for a new team to continue the renovations and through recommendations have secured the services of a great team of Artisans, which comprises of our superb Electrician Mssr Alain Audebert and son, our plumber Mssr Fort, our excellent but quiet tiler Monsieur Brethenoux, have refurbished the the Mill and brought it back to the standard that you see now and back to the beautiful and peaceful place it is now.

It has been a labour of love with both personal and financial sacrifices but if our guests have a good time and enjoy staying at the Mill then all will have been worthwhile.


The rear of the property
There is a small fresh water river to the east of the grounds which has small fish and crayfish in it, and once across the wooden bridge there is an orchard and pleasant walking area, with many wild flowers and plants.

The main stream which drives the waterwheel at the rear of the Mill, is to the west of the building and runs under the dining room in the house and is covered by a glass viewing panel. The mill stream is illuminated at night in the dining room, and makes for interesting pre-dinner and after dinner conversation as there is casual seating in the dining room alongside the viewing area.

The dining room used to be the main Mill machinery room in days gone by.

The Mill is set in 2 acres of grounds which are landscaped and provide shade and quiet spaces for reading and just basically chilling out and winding down after a hard day of swimming or sightseeing.

The main internal workings of the mill have long since vanished but one of the original grinding stone sits outside the front of the property as a reminder of its working past and is now a lovely feature.