Local Area

The Charente Maritime region is exceptionally sunny,and has it’s own micro climate as a result of the Azores’ anticyclone, making for mild springs and pleasant autumns. 

Along it’s 470 kilometers of coastline, the Charente Maritime has around 110 beautiful sandy beaches and seafood is a speciality here.

It is steeped in culture and history and boasts 500 years of Maritime history from the imposing outline of Fort Boyard to the stocky coastal fortifications of La Rochelle.


The harbour at La Rochelle The beach at Saint George de Didonne The Marina at Royan


Inland and around the Saintonge area it boasts over 400 stunning Romanesque churches.
It is a place where the land meets the sea and is reflected in the beautiful shades of the wooden shutters adorning the honey coloured sandstone houses.


Le Petit Moulin is situated amongst the farms and vineyards that produce the famous Pineau Charente aperitif grapes which produce a sweet wine and is located approximately 14 kilometers from the main Saintonge city of Saintes (saintonge means saintes area).


Saintes Charente River Charente Countryside