Touring to the North & West of the mill
Touring to the South of the mill
Touring to the North of the mill
Touring to the East of the mill
Touring to the West of the mill


The Chateau de la Roche Courbon

reputed to be the Sleeping Beauty castle
Visit the fabulous Vinyards within the Charente area

is located to the west of Le petit moulin where the Gironde estuary and Atlantic Ocean meet, the sunny beaches of the Royan area are only 30 minutes from the mill and Saintes.
This beautiful seaside town and 5 beaches are a must for the visitor in summer and the Edwardian villas are a testament to a town which made bathing fashionable in the early 19th century.

A keep similar to the one in PONS used to stand on the hill at the top end of the town.
The original 12th century gate was modernised during the 15th century and was part of the original fortifications.
From the Hilltop is a fantastic view of Trezence valley.
The Sainte -Marme mill is and example of the conservation of heritage buildings.

Romanesque church of Genouille
The west front with it’s blind arcading is and excellent example of the saintonge style.

The Marshes
near the etang des rosees,is a very good place to visit if you enjoy fishing and the lake there which is an anglers paradise.
It also has numerous species of migratory birds.

The Boutonne river
Flows 70 kms through the valleys of the saintonge and is famous with anglers for it’s many species of fish and it’s banks are dotted with small buildings from days gone by e.g. mills, wash-houses, locks etc

Saint-Savinien sur-Charente
This is a small town on the banks of the charente and the houses built in a continuous row give it a slightly Mediterranean feel to the town.
The 14th century bell tower on the Romanesque church was built by the plantagenets, which explains it’s British appearance.

Minature Harbour
There is a minature harbour in Saint savinien with minature steamboats, tawlers, cargo ships, which is great for the kids.

Houseboat Hire
Houseboats can be hired from St Savinien for 2-12 people.

Jazz and blues evenings
Can be found at the Quai de Taillebourg during the month of August but live bands can be heard at this restaurant most weekends.


Port d’Envaux
This river port was a bustling place until the 19th century when Stone, paper, salt, fertiliser, wine and Cognac were shipped from here to England.
The ship owners houses on the banks of the Charente give the village a unique character of it’s own.
Chateau de Panloy is a fine example of louis XV architecture and inside the Chateau there are Tapestries, wood panelling and a hunting gallery

Les Lapidiales
These unique old stone quarries nestle just outside of the village where resident sculptors carve figures into the stone amidst the lush vegetation and oak trees.

The Chateau de Crazannes
This 15th century chateau is one of the oldest residences used by the bishops of Saintes.

Bird farm in Geay
There is a visitors centre in the 17th century farmhouse here and this provides an oppotunity to learn about the birds of the charente valley.

Mediaeval castle of Nieul-les-Saintes
This imposing castle comes to life every summer for music concerts.
Guided tours of the castle run from July to August.

Chateau Beaulon in St Dizant du Gua
This beautiful Chateau Built in 1480 by the de Vinsons family, the Chateau became the property of the “de Beaulon”